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Soleil (pronounced “soh-lay”) is French for “sunshine” and is a dedication to our kids- the sunshine in our lives!

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We make clothes for Joy

We know that clothes need to look good, but they also need to be loved by your child. That means soft fabrics, comfortable cuts, gentle elastic… these are clothes to be happy in, to play in and to look good in.

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We make clothes that last:

We know how much that special dress or pair of shorts means to your child. So why say goodbye to old favourites so soon? Our clothes are designed to grow with your child – with extendable hems, straps that can be lengthened, elastication and ties that allow for the garment to fit perfectly for longer; all easy-peasy DIY! Better still, we use high quality fabrics in every piece, promising durability. So once your child is ready to part with that special outfit, they can hand it down to a sibling or younger friend, ready to be loved by someone new. We try to make a lot of gender-neutral clothing, especially for infants, to make re-use even easier.

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We make clothes with love:

There is care and attention to detail in every stitch of our embroidery, in every outfit we tailor and in every combination of fabrics we put together. All our products are ethically manufactured in India. We are committed to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, and source our fabrics from them. Most of the lovely embroideries you see in our clothing has been made by stay-at-home moms who have been trained by us. We are so pleased that our work helps keep alive the great needlework traditions of India and provide a source of livelihood to so many women.

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